Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Bible is God’s holy word to His people. This book may not be the most expensive book you will receive, but it is without doubt the most valuable. You cannot drive it, and you won’t have to put fuel into it, but our prayer is that it drives you and motivates you in life, and that it gives you the spiritual fuel with which to go where you need to go in this life and the next. You won’t be able to surf the world wide web with it, but with this book you can, if you desire, search and find the mind of God and the way of eternal life by God’s grace in Christ Jesus.

This book will not give you directions to the big city, the bright lights, and all the excitements the world has to offer for a brief moment, but it will give you directions to an eternal heavenly city, the light of the world, and the excitement of peace which passes all understanding.

There is an irony about this book. For it is the most popular book in the world, a true best seller, but the Gospel message which is its theme is the most unpopular and hated message in the world.

As you go out into the world, we hope and pray that you are successful, happy, prosperous, and healthy in the things of this life, but our greatest prayer for you is that you realize that this life is but for a moment, that it has an end, and that you will come to value the message of this book and find eternal life and happiness in Christ Jesus our Lord and Redeemer.

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