Friday, February 22, 2008


Read the following carefully -- “Once you and I pined in the wilderness, and sighed after God from a barren land. All around us was the wilderness of this world, a howling wilderness of danger, and need, and disorder. We said of the world at its very best, "Vanity of Vanities, All Is Vanity."

Do you remember how you roamed, seeking rest and finding none?

Your way was the path of darkness, which leads unto death. Then you were poor and needy, and sought water and there was none, and your tongue cleaved unto the roof of your mouth for thirst.

Then came the Lord that bought you, and He sought you until He brought you into the gardens of His love, where He satisfied you with the river of the water of life, and filled you with the fruits of His Spirit, and now you dwell in a goodly land.”

Now, brethren, considering where we all were before the Lord brought us into “the gardens of His love,” let us never be found among those who treat the grace of God, the word of God, the worship of God, the fellowship of His people, and the stewardship of His grace with negligence or contempt. Let us ever be mindful, thankful, and diligent in all that glorifies God, exalts Christ, edifies our brethren, and promotes the salvation of sinners by God’s grace in Christ Jesus.

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