Wednesday, March 05, 2008




his is the confidence which I have in Him-the very faith which He has given me, that it was His own blessed will from the foundation of the world to do it for me. He chose me, He called me, He redeemed me, He has all power in heaven and earth.

I have had such a blessed experience this morning, how that my name was engraved on His heart when He suffered on the cross. Yes, He knew my name then, and oh! He knew my sins. Oh! How my sins pierced Him. I have been thinking what a sight it must have been; what a woeful sight to see them—those wretches, those monsters, and myself among them, the very worst, the very chief among them; I cannot, I dare not call them by one name worse than I can call myself. I was there! I did it! My sins crucified Him, pierced Him, and agonized Him! But oh! To see them laying hold on that dear spotless Lamb of God—hauling Him, beating Him, mocking Him, buffeting Him, nailing Him to the cross. Oh, what a sight, a woeful sight!

Then again I thought on that wonderful word which He uttered just before He died—and did you ever consider what a wonderful word it was—what it expresses? Ay, what it expresses! ‘It is finished.’ O, what a work His heavenly Father gave Him to do; He undertook it, He carried it through and brought it to an end; and then do you think He can let any poor soul be lost whose name He had written on His heart then? No, He cannot.

From the testimony of SUKEY HARLEY, 1837

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