Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Epistle of James Does Not Contradict The Writings of Paul

I've often pointed the following out relative to the "supposed" contradictions between James and Paul - which so-called contradition is nothing short of one not paying attention to what HE is reading! When Paul insisted the believer is "justified by faith only," he particularly notes that it was at the time that Abraham BELIEVED GOD relative to the promise of the birth of Isaac.

When James says we are "NOT justified by faith only," he says "We see HOW Abraham was justified by works when he OFFERED ISAAC."

When Abraham believed the promise, Isaac was not yet born; when he was justified by works when HE OFFERED Isaac, Isaac was old enough to carry his own wood for the offering - quite some times latter.

There is no contradition in James vs. Paul.

By Stanley Phillips

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