Friday, March 11, 2011


An Antinomian, in the sight of God, is one who holds the truth in unrighteousness; who has gospel notions in his head, but no grace in his heart.

He is one that makes a profession of Christ Jesus, but was never purged by his blood, renewed by his Spirit, nor saved by his power.

With him carnal easepasses for gospel peace; a natural assent of the mind for faith; insensibility for liberty; and daring assumption for the grace of assurance.

He is alive without the law, the sentence of the moral law having never been sent home to him. The law of faith was never sealed on him, the law of truth was never received by him, nor the law of liberty proclaimed to him.

He was never arraigned at, nor taken from, the throne of judgment. He was never justified at the throne of grace, nor acquitted at the bar of equity. The tremendous attribute of righteousness was never seen or felt by him. The righteousness of the law was never fulfilled in him; the righteousness of the law was never fulfilled by him; the righteousness of faith was never imputed to him; nor the fruits of righteousness brought forth by him.

He is an enemy to the power of God, to the experience of the just, and to every minister of the Spirit; and is in union with none but hypocrites, whose uniting ties are the gall of bitterness and the bonds of iniquity.

He is one that often changes his opinions, but was never changed in heart. He turns to many sects and parties, but never turns to God. In word he is false to Satan by uttering truth, and false to God by a false profession. He is a false reprover in the world, and in the household of faith a false brother.

He is a child of Satan in the congregation of dissemblers, and a bastard in the congregation of the righteous.

By mouth he contends for a covenant that cannot save him, and in heart he hates the covenant that can. His head is at mount Calvary, his heart and soul at mount Sinai. He is a pharisee at Horeb, and a hypocrite in Zion. He is a transgressor of the law of works, and a rebel to the law of faith; a sinner by the ministry of the letter, and an unbeliever by the ministry of the Spirit. As a wicked servant, he is cursed by the eternal law; and, as an infidel, he is damned by the everlasting gospel.

And this is a real Antinomian in the sight of God.

By William Huntington

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Greg Coleman said...

Very powerful words by Huntington. Thanks for posting.

I suspect that he put the pen to paper to defend himself from the accusation of antinomianism.

Does it seem to any others, as it seems to me, that when we preach the doctrines of grace most clearly and with the greatest boldness we are beset with the most opposition? Opposition from religious folk that brand us "fatalist" and "lawless".

May our sovereign Lord Jesus Christ bless you and those under the sound of your voice and you proclaim the gospel of his free grace.